Surface snorkeling mask | Black & Blue Twobas

Brand: Amphibea
  • Patented fresh air circulation system, for a comfortable swim: The inspired air comes from the two snorkels, the exhaled air comes out of the front of the mask.
  • 180 ° vision: Clear and panoramic view of your underwater environment.
  • Large air flow thanks to the two snorkels: longer swim., Depending on your practice, you can change the angle of the 2 snorkels.
  • Anti-fog: The anti-fog film prevents the appearance of fogging on the mask.

More details :

  • Comfortable and intuitive Breathing: natural breathing through the nose or mouth.
  • Air Only System: The mechanism in the tubas prevents water from entering it.
  • Purge valve : The purge valve expels residual water.
  • Adjustable tightening: Use the tightening elastic to hold the mask.
  • Camera support: Use the support to attach your camera.