Soin | Crimp oil extra-hot - YY Vertical
Soin | Crimp oil extra-hot - YY Vertical

Care | Extra hot crimp oil

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Crimp Oil "Extra Hot" is our most powerful oil against pain and inflammation.

  • It contains Copahu Balm, known to have the highest beta-caryophyllene level (50%).
  • Even the Italian Helichrysum and the essential oil of Clove which are however renowned for their anti-inflammatory components have only 5 to 12% of beta-caryophyllene!

Beta-caryophyllene has been much studied for its properties modulating the inflammatory process.

  • This oil has a slightly spicy aroma and stimulating Cinnamon. 
  • To be used in case of acute pain and severe inflammation.
  • All oils are organic.

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